War Day

What to look for:

  1. Allow lower clan members to fight first – when the war starts, each clan member will get two attacks.  We ask that the top 15 clan members allow the LOWER 35 clan members to fight their two attacks first.  It is best if the top 15 clan members can wait until  the morning to attack.  If you can’t wait, then at least attack one of the tougher bases.
  2. Aim for the stars (3-stars) – there will be a “recommended target” that will be highlighted for you.  This is a base that is similar to your strength in the game.  Consider this base and the one above and below it. All that counts at war is the total number of stars that the clan collects.  3-Star all of them!
  3. Request War Troops – request the specific Clan Castle troops that you want to take to war. Mention that you are going to war in your request.  We will make sure you get the troops you need for the war.

Selecting your target:

    1. Scout bases below and above your recommended target.
    2. Try to choose a base that you can 3-star.
    3. Attack targets that have 0-stars first.
    4. Don’t aim too low (leave it for others), but don’t aim too high (not time to be a hero).
    5. Once all 0-star bases within your attack ability have been attacked.  Look for any 1-star that you believe you can 3-star.  (3 is better than 1).  Watch the replays of the previous attacks by other clan members before attacking one of these bases.  You might learn something about how to attack better (and find out what’s in their CC!).
    6. When you are ready to attack, notify the clan who you are going to attack in the chat window.  If we are facing a team in a foreign tongue, then use the “Base #” displayed when Scouting.
    7. Attack!  Win 3-Stars!  Then return to the chat window to brag about your contribution to King’s cause!

Key points for battle day:

    1. Scout around.  Don’t just attack the first base you see.  Read the section above discussing selecting a target.  You have time.  Enjoy the scenery.
    2. Select the right target.  One you can 3-star!
    3. Make certain you have the right troops to destroy the target that you selected.  If not, go back and train the correct ones.
      1. Do I have air troops and they have large air defense?
      2. Do they have a king or queen?
    4. Take Inventory!  You are going to war for Dwight!
      1. Do I have full army camps filled with the correct needed troops?
      2. Do I have a full spell factory filled with the correct spells for this attack?  Mostly likely all RAGE!
      3. Do I have a full clan castle filled with the correct needed troops to be used all at once at the right time?
      4. Is my King and Queen awake?  If not, they need to wake up, it is time to go!
    5. Lure troops out of the clan castle by dropping a troop in the sight of the clan castle.  lure them to the woods and kill them all! (DON’T GROUP YOUR TROOPS)

    6. Lure any Kings or Queens using the same technique.
    7. Look out for traps!  Remember all those traps you placed around your base?  They have them too and they are all automatically armed!  Plan your troop advancement around them.
    8. Now unload your attack!  Be strategic.  Don’t throw them down all at once. (Unless that is the strategy).  Know your troops.  Understand how they attack.  Set them in the right places to maximize the destruction!
    9. The goal is to get 3-stars, 100% destruction.
    10. However…Once the attack is fully laid down, get down and pray that you get 1-star at least.  Anything less is a loss and will put you in the King’s hall of shame!
    11. There is no shame in 2-star other than the fact that you didn’t get 3-stars…  Go on back to chat, we will still say something nice.