Pre-War Preparation

1. Do you want to go to war??


Congratulations, you will need to attack TWICE!
Please attack twice or we will be forced to boot you.


Deactivate yourself from clan wars.
Reactivate when you are ready to participate.

2) Are your troops beast enough?

If you can train Level 1+ Valkryies, Level 3+ Dragons or Level 5+ Archers/Wizards, please begin training them before 6 PM UTC -5 of Preparation Day. We will look to fill the clan castles of our war bases right after getting matched up and before they get filled with the WRONG troops. If you cannot make Level 1+ Valks, Level 3+ Dragons and Level 5+ Archers/Wizards, don’t worry. The top players will do it for you. Please do not put troops below LV5 in the clan castles! Just give us time to train the troops and fill the castles.

  1. Pre-War Preparation
  2. Preparation Day
  3. War Day
  4. Post-War