As part of the Double Dagger clan, we are bound by the following rules:

  1. Be active in chat. Communicate in English so everyone can understand.
  2. No spamming, minimal cursing, swearing and fighting among clan members.
  3. Non-active members will be kicked. Therefore, be sure to request and donate a lot!
  4. There are minimum levels for donations (ex. level 4+ archers/giants). Be sure to follow request instruction. More info below on minimum donation troop levels.
  5. Upon reaching 100 donations, you are eligible to request for specific troops like dragons and expensive dark troops. This resets every season.
  6. Participate in clan wars if you are eligible. Failure to participate will result in suspension (or ban).
  7. Clan hopping may result in suspension. We do not encourage hopping.
  8. No asking for promotion to elder and leader. Making such request could result in kick.
  9. Minimum Donation for Clan Elders (per week): 500

Minimum Troop Level Donation Guide:

Normal Donations

Barbarians – Level 4+
Archers – Level 4+
Wizards – Level 4+
Giants – Level 4+
Healer – Level 3+
Minions – Level 2+
Hog Riders – Level 2+
Dragon – Level 2+
Pekka – Level 1+
Valkyries – Level 1+
Golem – Level 1+
Witch – Level 1+
Balloons – Request Only
Goblins – Request Only
Wallbreakers – Request Only

War Castle Donations (Defense Only)

Valkryie – Level 1+
Dragon – Level 3+
Wizards – Level 5-6+
Archers – Level 5-6+
Barbarians – Level 5-6+
Minions – Level 3-6+

If you can make Level 1+ Valkryies, Level 3+ Dragons and Level 5+ Archers/Wizards, then please fill the clan castles accordingly. If you cannot then, please DO NOT FILL THEM with lesser troops! Give us time and we will fill them for you. This is very important to winning. And King says winning is better than losing.