Clan Tag: #9CYLJ9J2

This is the official website of the Double Dagger clan for the Clash of Clans game. From here, the clan leaders will post announcements and information for its members. If you haven’t joined our clan and like what you see you can use the clan tag above to look us up and join the easy way (although we are the only one with this name last I checked).

Clan Description & Info

We are a fun-loving friendly clan who enjoys a good conversation while sharing troops to help one another. We aim to participate in clan war every other day and will remove inactives from the clan.


Clan leader:

King George (USA – NC)


Turline – (USA)
Dylan – (USA)
Duke – (USA)
Josh – (USA)
Desoto – (USA)


Pryo Drake
Uttman (Chase, USA)
King Darvel (North Carolina)
Fuzzy Toe

If you (elders and co-leaders) want to display more information about yourself next to your name such as city, country, real life name, etc., let me know and I will update it here.