First things first…

1. New to the clan? Check out our Clan Rules.

2. You can request specific troops after reaching 100 donations. If you are new and asking for high-level or expensive dark troops there’s a good chance it won’t get filled.  You need to stick around awhile and once the elders and co’s get to know you they will help you out more.  Keep your requests simple.

3. “Donating Down” – Anyone who requests troops at any given time should be donating down to those who are already on the board.  If you don’t do this you could easily be booted.

4. Minimum troop level for donation is 4 (barbs, archers, wizards, giants). For a detailed list, click here.

5. Clan Wars 3 times a week! Non-participants will be kicked. Be sure to use opt-out feature if you are unable to participate. War prep starts every Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday at 8pm UTC -5 (US EST TIME).

6. Everything you need to know about how we war can be found on the Clan War page.

7. Strictly no requesting for promotion to clan elder or clan leader. Violation will result in the boot.


Clan Rules

If you are new check out our CLAN RULES here.


Clan Wars

Everything you need to know about how we war can be on our CLAN WAR page.


War Bases

In a hurry? Check out various WAR BASE DESIGNS for a quick base in a pinch.